January 20, 2018


“As we follow Christ in this mission to be fishers of men, we must bring men and women out of the sea that is salted with so many forms of alienation and onto the land of life, into the light of God” (Pope Benedict XVI).




January 21, 2018


January 13, 2018


On the second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Romeo said, “God is calling.”  Sometimes he beckons directly; other times, through someone or something: a book, a homily, an unexpected event, prayer.  Do we persevere when the message is harsh, or do we take the easy way out?  To know God is to heed his call, to cultivate a relationship with him, to share his message with others.

“To love God much, to always be united with God, to do all things for the sake of God, to love everything for God’s sake, to suffer much for God— my only business is to do the will of God” (St. Gerard Majella; edited).




January 14, 2018


January 7, 2018


On the feast of the Epiphany, Fr. Romeo asked, “Who is being called?”  All nations.  Salvation is for everyone.  Not even Herod could stop God’s plan.  When we lose hope, the star that leads to God dims.  When the light goes out, follow the three kings.  Look for Jesus; frequent the sacraments.  Hope is a virtue.  The more we pray, the more graces we receive.

“The same Christ who in Bethlehem, as a child, accepted the gifts of the Magi Kings, is still the one to whom… whole peoples ‘open their treasures'” (St. John Paul II).


January 7, 2018


December 31, 2017



Christmas past


Fix your eyes on Jesus and let him warm your heart.  Savor his pure, unconditional love; and let it bring forth love in you.  Reach out and touch him, and let him touch you.  Embrace him today, and let him hold you close to his heart (the Word among us, December 2017, p. 45).





Lord, behold our family here assembled.  We thank you for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the peace accorded to us this day, for the hope which we expect tomorrow; for the health, the work, the food, and the bright skies that make our lives delightful; for our friends all around the world (Robert Louis Stevenson).

Lord God, creator and sustainer of life, watch over our family gathered in Jesus’s name.  Guide and guard us, keep us united in love for one another.  Let your grace be our support in whatever emergencies may lie ahead.

Show us, Father, how to put the past behind us, give you our best today, and place our tomorrows in your hands.  Bless our laughter and tears, ease our sorrows and fears.  Teach us to appreciate every good gift from your paternal heart.  Amen.


In the Word made flesh, God has sent his last Word, his most profound Word, his most beautiful Word, into the world.  And the Word means I love you, world and humanity.  Light the candles!  They have more right to be here than darkness! (Karl Rahner, SJ).

“May the Holy Family, icon and model of every human family, help each individual to walk in the spirit of Nazareth” (St. John Paul II).

“On this night let us share the joy of the gospel: God loves us; he so loves us that he gave us his Son to be our brother, to be light in our darkness” (Pope Francis).

Our Lady said yes for the human race.  Each one of us much echo that yes for our own lives.  We are all asked if we will surrender… to the Holy Spirit and allow Christ to fill the emptiness formed by the particular shape of our life (Caryll Houselander).

Our Lady was full of God because she lived for God alone, yet she thought of herself only as the handmaid of the Lord.  Let us do the same (St. Teresa of Calcutta).

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December 24, 2017


At the Christmas vigil Mass, Fr. Romeo told us that, despite the difficulties we face in life— no matter the cross— we can learn from Jesus, Mary, and Joseph whose resolute trust in God helped them persevere.  Through prayer we can achieve peace; though forgiveness, unity.  We can’t do it alone.  We need God’s graces to endure life’s trials, so let’s open our heart to God’s blessings today!

“Blessed is he who possesses Bethlehem in his heart and in whose heart Christ is born daily” (St. Jerome).


December 23, 2017


Fr. Romeo Salinas delivered his first homily at St. Joseph’s this evening.  “Why do we need a Messiah?” he asked.  Heaven and earth need to be reconciled.  Jesus is our strength and, through him, we receive the grace to persevere.  We need Mass, confession, and prayer, too.  Prayer changes our heart so that we desire heaven.  Prayer— even a little one— can bring about miracles, so let’s open our heart to Jesus!

“Lord Jesus, fill me with peace so that I may, in turn, share that peace with others” (Carol Giesler; Creative Communications for the Parish, 2017, p. 25).




December 24, 2017




December 21, 2017


Today’s Advent meditation, “Beyond the Loss,” is from Jesus: God’s Promise.

Your whole life is filled with losses, endless losses.  And every time there are losses, there are choices to be made.  You [can] choose to live your losses as passages to anger, blame, hatred, depression, and resentment; or you [can] choose to let these losses be passages to something new, something wider and deeper.  The question is not how to avoid loss and make it not happen, but how to choose it as a passage, as an exodus to greater life and freedom (Henri J. M. Nouwen in You Are the Beloved, 2017, p. 343).

“Loving God, walk with us beyond the doorway of our losses into the promise of new life, even when we can’t imagine it as a possibility” (Chris Koellhoffer, IHM; Creative Communications for the Parish, 2017, p. 21).